Shiatsu & Therapeutic massage

Kaiwaka & Mangawhai 



I am very passionate about assisting people towards better health. My training inspires me to take the best of what he Far Eastern traditional medicine and the Western medicine has to offer.

With “Move Into Wholeness” I want to share the goodness and the wisdom that both types of body work generate.

Receiving massage on a regular basis is an ongoing investment in your health and wellbeing. Our body is an instrument that wants to move smoothly.

In Eastern medicine the spine and the core is considered as your central axis. Our central axis wants to be straight and strong for effortless moving. A correct postural alignment is the basis which supports the body. The moving parts of our body are happier relaxed, without tense knots. We all know that we can get out of alignment which costs us lots of energy and diminishes our quality of life.

During a treatment I encourage the body to re-align itself by choosing the appropriate massage technique(s). To stay in good balance after the treatment, I offer lifestyle suggestions and exercises.

Exercises are so beneficial because they empower you to create change. Choosing to do a particular set of exercises on a daily basis will aid you to develop a balanced and happy body with smooth muscles.

Frequently exercising may also expand your understanding of how to correct certain postures and movements on the work floor resulting in less strains and sprains. In short it will increase your workplace productivity and improve the quality of your life.


My mission